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Why Choose O'Connor Photography

O'Connor Photography is uniquely qualified to provide photographic and publishing services to preschools, elementary schools and middle schools. Our 50 years serving most of the local high schools have helped us develop our skills to confidently handle high volume photography smoothly and efficiently. Not only do we have two local studios to guarantee quality customer service, we also produce our photographic images in our own state of the art professional digital imaging lab. We are committed to producing high quality professional imagery. Our photographers are highly trained to guarantee that our customers receive the best quality portraits for every session. Our photography is a blend of fine classic portraiture and modern lifestyle imagery. We offer our school photography services to the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley & San Fernando Valley areas.


• ID Cards.

• CD's for ID card replacements and security.

• Image exports to support student data programs. (PowerSchools, RenWeb, Aeries etc.)

• A wide selection of portrait packages for parents to choose from.

• Fall and Spring pictures.

• Composites and class groups.

• Service Strips and cumulative files.

• Special Events.

• Yearbook publishing Cd's.

• School Fundraiser Photo booth.

• Our company is always open to customizing any other special photographic need that our clients may need.

Yearbook Publishing

Finally make some revenue on your yearbook sales by taking advantage of our extremely competitive publishing. Call us and let us show you how we can save you and your parent's money on your next yearbook.

Fall Picture Day

Fall picture day is when the yearbook portraits and school IDs are photographed. Picture packages are available at this time. The school may choose between class groups or composite class photos for this session. The O’Connor team will skillfully integrate school data so picture day is fun and hassle free. Having everything organized from the beginning insures trouble free photo sessions and a quick turnaround time.

Digital student data is used for accuracy and rapid turnaround time.

Prepaid envelope program.

Traditional & ChromaKey photography available.

Spring Pictures / Fundraiser

Spring portraits are for those students who would like to participate in a fund-raising program for your school. These portraits are usually casual and stylized with a theme. Our “ChromaKey” technology opens the door for endless choices. After picture day, the O’Connor team will provide proofs to the students’ parents for purchase.

A percentage of the sales will go directly back to your school.

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